Herdade de Espirra

Herdade de Espirra #HerdadeEspirra – this winery maintains the historical legacy of the Setúbal Peninsula, but is located farther away from the ocean, in the heart of the continent. Its history dates back to the first half of the 19th century, when José María dos Santos (1832-1913) made it the world's largest winery, extending over 2400 hectares. Herdade de Espirra has been a winery for over 150 years. The regional classification of its wines/appellation is D.O. PALMELA and IG PENÍNSULA DE SETÚBAL. The strategic location of the winery is aimed at the production of varietal wines that consist of 100% Castelão grapes and has been in use for about 40 years. Thanks to the characteristics of the grapevines and sandy soils, the labels HERDADE ESPIRRA and PAVÃO DE ESPIRRA enjoy a pleasant, delicate aroma and the taste of forest fruits. They have won many gold and silver medals at prestigious competitions. Herdade de Espirra placed eighth in the “Top Wine Producer of the Year 2017” ranking in Portugal. #HerdadeEspirra #myPortugalWines