Quinta Vale d'Aldeia #QuintaValeAldeia - the QVdA winery was built "from greenfield" in 2009. All 4 stages of the wine production cycle in the winery have the most advanced equipment. It is located on a hillside with a wonderful view of the landscape of the Beira Interior region, including the highest mountain range of Portugal, Serra da Estrela (1993 m a.s.l.). QVdA is a family project and it has required a lot of efforts and ultimate dedication to produce extraordinary red and white wines from the Douro DOC region using the following grape varieties: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Amarela, Tinto Cão, Sousão, Alvarinho and Viosinho. Location of the vineyards (the altitude is 380-680 m, the continental climate and the shale soil) greatly contributes to the magnificence of the aroma and flavor properties of figs, spices, cocoa, plums, dried and red fruits. Success of the QVdA winery is associated with its winemaker, José Eduardo Reverendo de Conceição. It is his professionalism and creativity that have helped the QVdA to become one of the best producers from Douro. #QuintaValeAldeia #myPortugalWines

Quinta do Monte d'Oiro #QMdO – this winery is located in the Lisbon region, near the town of Torres Vedras, between the lonely mountain Serra de Montejunto and the rocky coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The regional classification of its wines/appellation is IG LISBOA. The combination of a lime and clay soil, a Mediterranean microclimate, an Atlantic freshness, and a permanently blowing wind, creates the unique conditions for grapes that have a moderate alcohol level, natural acidity and smooth tannins. Quinta do Monte d'Oiro’s wine-growing philosophy is pure organic grapevines, respect for the environment and biodiversity, soils that are alive, and very low production yields (20-35 hl/ha). Quinta do Monte d'Oiro offers terroir labels (LYBRA, MADRIGAL and QUINTA DO MONTE D’OIRO RESERVA) as well as signature wines from its owner, such as TÊMPERA by José Bento dos Santos, AURIUS by José Bento dos Santos, EX AEQUO by José Bento dos Santos and SYRAH 24 by José Bento dos Santos. These wines have received international recognition, collecting up to 94 points in "Wine Enthusiast Magazine" and up to 95 points in Robert Parker’s ranking. Reds QMdO RESERVA 2013 and QMdO SYRAH 24 (2013) won the award "The best wines of 2017" from "Grandes Escolhas" magazine in March 2018.  Wines from Quinta do Monte d'Oiro symbolize an organic splendour. #QMdO #myPortugalWines

Quinta da Serralheira / Damasceno Wines #QuintaSerralheira – this restored winery is located among vineyards that stretch for hundreds of  near the town of Setúbal. The regional classification of its wines/appellation is D.O.C. PALMELA and IG PENÍNSULA DE SETÚBAL. It contains approximately 80 hectares of vineyards planted on sandy soils; about 70% of the production comprises whites based on Chardonnay, Arinto, Verdelho, Fernão Pires and Moscatel Graúdo grapes. The hot climate and cool Atlantic breeze, combined with the red grape varieties Syrah, Touriga Nacional, Castelão and Aragonêz, contribute to the creation of wines with the taste of wild berries and plums. This is what sets the DAMASCENO series of wine apart. In addition, grapes for the NOCTURNO series of wine are harvested at night to maintain their freshness and full potential. The top product is the sweet Muscat DAMASCENO MOSCATEL ROXO D.O.C. Damasceno wines have received several awards and many recommendations at “The International Wine Challenge”. #QuintaSerralheira #myPortugalWines

Pontual Wines #PontualWines – this is an actively growing manufacturer of high-quality varietal wines from the Alentejo, which has great potential for further growth. The regional classification of its wines/appellation is IG ALENTEJANO. Because of the diligent care taken of the vineyard's 100 hectares in a hot, continental climate, this modern winery makes aromatic and delicious wines that are typical of the Syrah, Alicante Bouschet and Touriga Nacional varieties, characterized by the intense aromas of red currants and ripe berries, as well as deep-red and plum flavours. The PONTUAL SYRAH wine was the gold medal winner of “Concurso Nacional de Vinhos Engaraffados 2011”, while PONTUAL TOURIGA NACIONAL was awarded the silver medal at the “Berliner Wein Trophy 2017”. #PontualWines #myPortugalWines

Manzwine #Manzwine – this winery is located in the town of Cheleiros in the valley of the Rio Lisandro, set in the picturesque hills between the historic towns of Sintra and Mafra. The regional classification of its wines/appellation is D.O.C. DOURO, IG LISBOA and IG PENÍNSULA DE SETÚBAL. Wines carefully manufactured in this small but ultra-modern facility are rich in flavour and have pleasant aromas, ranging from the extraordinary blend of PLATÓNICO to the line of limited wines CONTADOR DE ESTÓRIAS RESERVA and POMAR DO ESPÍRITO SANTO RESERVA. Manzwine is the world's only certified manufacturer of the white wine DONA FÁTIMA, of the native Jampal variety, which was included on the list of the list of the 50 best wines of Portugal compiled by expert and wine journalist Julia Harding. Manzwine signifies wines with class. #Manzwine #myPortugalWines

Herdade do Vau / RISO Wines #RISOWines – this is not only a small winery but also a wonderful agrotourism facility that allows one to fully experience the tranquillity and purity of the Lower Alentejo region. The regional classification of its wines/appellation is IG ALENTEJANO. In the field of wine-making, the desire of Herdade do Vau’s owner is to achieve a combination that has been called “biochic”, which, loosely translated, means “ecologically pure splendour”. The synergy of the Sousão and Alfrocheiro varieties, with a dominant accent of Touriga Nacional, gives these wines an exceptional aroma (with smells of ripe raspberry, plum, cacao and chocolate) and the taste of blackberry with smooth tannins and a balanced acidity. Herdade do Vau was awarded “Revelation of the Year 2013” by the Portuguese wine industry, while the RISO RESERVA RED 2013 was chosen as the best Portuguese wine that same year. #RISOWines #myPortugalWines

Herdade do Perdigão #HerdadePerdigao – a large and modern winery located in an ecologically pristine area of the Upper Alentejo (“Alto Alentejo”), away from industrial areas. The regional classification of its wines/appellation is IG ALENTEJANO. This winery is surrounded by small hills and over 45 hectares of vineyards, 80% of which produce vibrant reds in this, Portugal's warmest region. It also produces the dry white wine HERDADE PERDIGÃO RESERVA, the best Alentejo white of 2016 and one of the few white wines that mature in oak barrels for six months. The crown jewel of this winery is a white dry sparkling wine, HERDADE PERDIGÃO ESPUMANTE BRUTO. Herdade do Perdigão wines have received some of the highest ratings in "Revista de Vinhos" magazine as well as awards at the "Wine Masters Challenge", "Mundus Vini" and "Ultimate Wine Challenge" in New York. #HerdadePerdigao #myPortugalWines

Herdade de Espirra #HerdadeEspirra – this winery maintains the historical legacy of the Setúbal Peninsula, but is located farther away from the ocean, in the heart of the continent. Its history dates back to the first half of the 19th century, when José María dos Santos (1832-1913) made it the world's largest winery, extending over 2400 hectares. Herdade de Espirra has been a winery for over 150 years. The regional classification of its wines/appellation is D.O. PALMELA and IG PENÍNSULA DE SETÚBAL. The strategic location of the winery is aimed at the production of varietal wines that consist of 100% Castelão grapes and has been in use for about 40 years. Thanks to the characteristics of the grapevines and sandy soils, the labels HERDADE ESPIRRA and PAVÃO DE ESPIRRA enjoy a pleasant, delicate aroma and the taste of forest fruits. They have won many gold and silver medals at prestigious competitions. Herdade de Espirra placed eighth in the “Top Wine Producer of the Year 2017” ranking in Portugal. #HerdadeEspirra #myPortugalWines

DIVAI #DIVAIWines– a new brand among Portuguese wine producers that has already received international recognition at competitions in England, Belgium, Germany and Hong Kong. The regional classification of its wines/appellation is IG ALENTEJANO. DIVAI produces red, white and rosé wines from Alentejo, based on Aragonêz, Trincadeira, Castelão, Touriga Nacional and Alicante Bouschet grape varieties, which together create the “warm”, scented and saturated nature of these wines, with a predominant flavour of chocolate and red fruits, blackberry in particular. A product from DIVAI worthy of recommendation is the aromatic and smooth olive oil, which is made according to all existing canons of cold pressing at a temperature of up to +27ºC. The distinct advantage of the DIVAI brand is its winemaker – Luís Duarte, a specialist in many talents. He has been working in the wine industry since 1987 and was thrice awarded the honour “Winemaker of the Year” (1997, 2007, and 2014) by Portuguese specialist periodical "Revista de Vinhos". He was also nominated “Best Winemaker in the World” by “Der Feinschmecker” wine magazine at “ProWein Awards 2010”. Luís Duarte's brilliance gave birth to the DIVAI brand. #DIVAIWines #myPortugalWines

Adega Mãe #AdegaMae – an ultra-modern winery located near the city of Torres Vedras. The terroir is influenced by the hilly terrain, high winds, humid air and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, which contribute to the balanced acidity and salinity of the vines that grow there. The regional classification of its wines/appellation is IG LISBOA. Wines from Adega Mãe are famous for their originality. The key labels include two lines. One is the DORY label, led by the excellent DORY RESERVA, which matured for 14 months in oak barrels. It also produces a series of red and white varietal wines which range in taste and aroma. Everyone will find something special (for example, Touriga Nacional, Pinot Noir, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Viognier, Alvarinho, Chardonnay, Arinto, Riesling, etc.). The brand-new products are the sparkling wine ADEGA MÃE ESPUMANTE and the high-end wine ADEGA MÃE TERROIR 2012, launched in an exclusive and limited edition of 3006 bottles, which won the “Best of Portugal 2016” badge from “Revista de Vinhos”. This winery is at the highest level; its more than 100 awards and premiums speak for themselves. #AdegaMae #myPortugalWines